Moving to California

Moving to California

Moving to California was one of the best decisions of my life and it can be for you too!

Still there are many doubters and haters that believe the costs are too inhibitive to live, start a business and succeed in California!

Yes, the costs can be inhibitive but the costs can be controlled and the rewards are unlimited!

Many haters also suggest that California is almost bankrupt and that unemployment is ridiculously high. Still other’s point out that the economic recovery hasn’t fully taken place in California and that many areas remain desolate, dangerous and unlivable. All of this is partially true. However, these doomsday pundits simply don’t understand how California works. So, don’t let their misguided judgment fool you. They’ve completely missed the mark with California and quite frankly with economics.

Why is California so amazing?

1. It’s all about the lifestyle! But, what does that mean?
This statement is a key area for confusion among the California haters. They believe that this statement simply shows that Californian’s are apathetic with regard to earnings and money in exchange for a better lifestyle. This is the farthest thing from the truth.

The lifestyle Californians enjoy is one without snow and very little rain during most of the year. This translates into fewer repairs for vehicles, fewer repairs for roofs, fewer required purchases for winter coats and other weather related purchases, such as winter tires, winter boots and much, much more. So, really it means a more efficient lifestyle where you can be frugal all year round. And let’s not forget, you can be outside all year round!

2. Unemployment is very high in California.
This is also an anomaly and very misleading. Unlike many other places around the world, in California if unemployment is high, that’s when Californian’s are hardest at work. Many Californian’s have started a startup business and are looking for seed money to keep them focused on developing, inventing or creating something absolutely amazing. You hear of them sneaking into their former employers to finish projects, or launch a new company. They sleep in their cars to save from paying rent while working on something truly incredible. They swarm on twitter to find new sources of funding. They use www.kickstarter.com or www.indiegogo.com to appeal to the masses all to launch something unseen, unheard of and groundbreaking! Unlike anywhere else on the planet where unemployment means you may as well quite trying, in California it means you’re never giving up!

3. The cost of living is extremely high!
Yes, it is and costs continue to go up linearly. But, there’s 40 million people in California, which is more than any state or the country of Canada. So, while expenses go up linearly, revenues go up exponentially. Organizational fees and taxes are a secondary business concern; revenues are always the principal business concern. Exponential gains in revenues always offset the linear gains in expenses.

4. Violence is everywhere in California.
Although in some places there is violence, but violence isn’t everywhere. And, we can’t fix things by simply ignoring them and not getting involved.

5. The state of California is almost bankrupt!
Again, this is true, but what does it mean if the state is almost bankrupt? It means that there will be less social services, there may be renegotiations for the lifetime union pensions, there may be higher taxes and for those in need there will be less help. As mentioned, taxes are a secondary business concern. So, increased taxes should never be a reason to stop business or move out of California. Unions always negotiate and quite frankly, I’d rather have them negotiating than fighting. If there’s a little less social services, we’ll just have to donate a little more to our local not-for-profits. So, to all the haters, revenues (or your paycheck) are the primary reason for any business (or individual) to move to California where there’s a market with 40 million buyers, which translates into slightly increased costs with exponentially higher revenues and paychecks!

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